Puzzle Adventure Info

Welcome Families (Ages 5+)

We have designed Puzzle Adventures for families to have fun with children ages 5+.  (Children 4 and under are FREE.)

Cost $10 each      OR         Family Fun Pack 4 for $30

If you only book 2 of the 8 slots, you may be playing with new family members you don't know yet. There is a Sign Up Genius under rooms that are finished.


Each room can accommodate 8 people.

Book both rooms for 16 people 8 in each. 

Call 321-400-9044 for available openings

Family Puzzle Adventures

Spy Adventure

International Spy Headquarters has arrested Agent 007 for being a double agent. It is your mission to find the file that proves his innocence. 

Magical Garden

Enter our Magical Garden and solve the clues that lead you to your secret surprise.