Our Story

Why we started this journey.......


My name is Lisa Starr, and this is my family. At three years old, our daughter was tested by a public school system in another state, and we were told that she was developmentally delayed. She entered the public school system at three in a preschool program, which she attended for two years. As the years progressed, she was assessed again in the school system here, where they found she has a processing disorder. The school allocated her to receive thirty minutes a day of extra help. Thirty minutes was definitely not enough. In 2015, at eleven years old, she was tested again privately, and we were told she has severe dyslexia.  On top of the learning struggles, she has had anxiety since she was three years old, which we were able to manage until two years ago. We found a wonderful person who was able to not only help her but also help our entire family manage her anxiety and teach her to manage it herself.

We have gone the public school, private school, and home school routes until this year, when I decided it was time for us to make a difference, not only in her life but in the lives of other families who are in ours or a similar situation.  Shining Starr Learning Academy is a hands-on interactive learning private school. Students with dyslexia, anxiety, and processing issues, as well as neuro-typical and gifted are welcome. We want all students to have the opportunity to grow in their own way.

We hope your family will become a part of ours. 

Progress Update

Our dream has come true......

We opened on schedule on January 9, 2017. My children were ready to learn and eager to find out this new approach... Montessori style. We were unfamiliar with the technique, but to our teacher Ms. Veltri, this was her comfort zone. 

January 20, our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with the City of Rockledge. Thank you so much.

February 2017

Watching my children shine in the classroom and enjoy researching and writing a paper was a beautiful sight to behold. Cooking, laughing and having fun while learning - a new and wonderful concept. 

The Brain exercises we do daily are amazing to see the results they produce. Victoria is gaining balance and muscle strength in her arms which is a direct correlation to helping her dyslexia.

Exciting news, we have our third student. Yeah!!!

Pinewood Derby, Powder Puff Derby, Lulu's Academy, CPR

March 2017

Things are progressing nicely and their study of Greece resulted in some delicious Greek food. Yummy.

We signed up our fourth student and started creating our Summer Camps. 

April 2017

Good news, Summer Camps are already filling up. 1 camp is FULL and 3 camps are half full. 

Self-defense for Girl Scouts

Helping Hands Event - packed 10,000 bags of rice for families in Africa. Thank you Madeline and Catherine for putting together such a wonderful event to help others.

May 2017

The students made volcanoes and created three chemical experiments to watch them erupt. Elephant toothpaste was the best reactor. The students had fun, learned about volcanoes from start to finish and we enjoyed watching them erupt.

Our first five months have flown by and come to a close. We look forward to our new family members joining us in August.

June 2017

Summer camps begin June 5 and was a success.

Progress Continued

July 2017

Summer camps went well and I learned a lot for next year. Hopefully the students did too. To the left is homemade Fried Rice.

August 2017

We started the first full school year with 36 AWESOME students. Yeah.

September 2017

The students have been cooking and working on relationship and community building.

Hurricane Irma was certainly a surprise to Florida. It kept us all busy and took a few weeks to get back on track.

October 2017

The month has flown by. Students have learned phases of the moon and demonstrated the knowledge with oreo cookies on a paper plate. 

November 2017

November 1st was our Fall Fest,  November 3rd was our first field trip and November 16th was our Thanksgiving Feast.

December 2017

Santa and Mrs. Claus took time out of their busy schedule to make a surprise visit to our school during our Holiday Fest this year. 

The students were so excited.