Mrs. Starr - Owner/Principal

Mrs. Starr was an entrepreneur for 13 years before selling her business and moving out of Florida. She then worked for the local school board’s district office for five years before returning to Florida. Her experience with the school board has been invaluable to the opening and operating of Shining Starr Learning Academy. The school is both personal and business for Mrs. Starr as both of her children are enrolled in the school. She opened the school on January 9, 2017, to help her daughter and other children who need to be taught in different ways. That way may be different for each student, which is why SSLA uses different methods of teaching until the student understands the material. She is blessed and very appreciative for the wonderful staff and parental support she has in educating our leaders of the future.  She is active in her parish, St. John the Evangelist Catholic Community, and has been a Girl Scout leader since October 2012. She has served on many boards of directors and currently serves on the Harbour City Girl Scout team.

Mrs. Duquette - K - 4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Duquette graduated in 2017 from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. Her training included working with exceptional students and students for whom English is a second language. She will be leading our Spanish lessons starting in August 2018. Mrs. Duquette is an energetic and enthusiastic teacher who loves to see her students learn and grow. Mrs. Duquette joined the SSLA family in August of 2017.  

Mrs. Mazur- 3rd - 6th Teacher


Mrs. Mazur graduated with honors with a Master’s of Science in Teaching Elementary education from Fordham University in NYC in 2001. She also received a Bachelor of Science in Special Education from The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY in 1994. Her teaching experiences have ranged from 2nd- 6thgrade for over 8 years. She also taught exceptional students for over 5 years with many different populations from emotionally handicap to students with Autism. Additional teaching experience includes providing home base instruction to students with special needs, educational evaluator/special education consultant, and tutor. She has experience in many sectors including public, private, and Montessori schools, along with private learning facilities. She has taught many subject areas including Math, Reading, Writing, History, and Science. Her instruction provides support and effective learning strategies in all academic areas. In addition to her teaching many students with disabilities, she has her own child who was diagnosed with severe dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADHD at the age of 5. She is passionate in providing a positive and caring learning environment for students. Mrs. Mazur joined the SSLA family in October of 2018.

Mrs. Stockton - History and Reading Specialist

Mrs. Stockton graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor in Social Work degree and in 2000 with a Master in Social Service Administration (Social Work) degree. She was a homeschool teacher, a pastor of Youth and Children’s Ministries, and a therapist. She has a passion for history and teaching it in a way that excites and interests her students. She is also gifted at teaching students to read and uses multiple approaches to coach and empower her students to help them achieve and exceed grade-level reading. Her previous experiences combine to offer a kind, patient, and supportive atmosphere for her students. Mrs. Stockton joined the SSLA staff in January of 2018.

Ms. Minot - 6th - 12th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Minot graduated in 1996 from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with an Art Concentration. She taught students in grades 3 through 6 in both public and private schools for over nine years. Additional teaching experience includes being a Gifted Services teacher and a homeschool teacher. She has taught Earth, Life, and Physical Science through an interdisciplinary approach. Her Math instruction has included creative problem solving, hands-on learning, and algebraic thinking. Mrs. Minot is committed to the social and intellectual growth and development of her students. She is a dedicated teacher who creates a warm and inviting learning environment for her students and believes all children can succeed.  She has also served as a Room Parent and was active in the PTO.  Mrs. Minot joined the SSLA staff in October of 2018.

Mrs. Nulf - K-3rd Grade Teacher Assistant

Mrs. Nulf graduated in 1988 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Salisbury State University. She was a teacher assistant with the Brevard County School Board for 18 years. She is very creative, patient, and wonderful with our students. She joined the SSLA family in January of 2018.