Differentiated Classroom Instruction

Homemade volcanoes made out of paper, homemade glue, lava made with vinegar, baking soda & dish soap

Differentiated Classroom Instruction

Differentiated classroom instruction means tailoring instruction to meet the individual needs of each student. Our classrooms are made up of multi-level grades which allows students to have a three-year cycle with their teacher. This allows the teachers to become familiar with their students so they are able to tailor the content for each student using individual or small group instruction. Students rotate about every fifteen minutes and work on applying the skill they are working on either on a rug, couch, bean bag chair, with a clipboard, or at a desk with a regular or rocker chair.


For our students with dyslexia, we are using a combination of Orton Gillingham and Explicit Phonics. Students also benefit from small group rotations with our teachers and individualized reading sessions. 

 We encourage students to read each night at home either by themselves or with their parents.


Writing is done daily utilizing the EET (Expanded Expression Toolkit). Students will be given a topic, utilize the EET for their outline, write a rough draft, have it corrected by the teacher, re-write, corrected again and then a final copy. 

Creating good writing habits now will increase their writing skills for college and future careers. 

Hands-on Learning

We have many opportunities for hands-on learning during the year. We typically include some type of art in conjunction with research projects.  Projects will be completed in school by the students. Students will work individually or in groups on projects that include researching, writing, and making displays.  

During financial literacy, students will choose a career and learn how to pay monthly bills based on the current average salary.

We include keyboarding and other computer skills as well as Life Skills.

Homework / Grades / Assessments

HOMEWORK - Research has shown that homework does not increase achievement in any significant way and in many situations decreases it.  It also causes anxiety in students and disrupts home life.  Therefore, we will not assign homework unless the student has not completed their work in school during the day.  

GRADES - If students receive poor grades, their self-esteem is lowered and they often give up. Therefore, letter grades are given to students who complete high school courses that earn credits. All other grades are M - Mastered Concept, S - Satisfactory, N - Not Demonstrated Consistently, H - Needs Additional Help.

ASSESSMENTS - Students are assessed on the work they complete at school through observation, questions and teacher assessments. We are required by the Florida Department of Education to complete an annual assessment which is done in the spring.

Brain Gym

"Brain Gym" is a strengthening tool we do each morning. It is a series of simple exercises which help the left and right brain work together.   Pivotal for students with dyslexia.